Celebrating The Fourth Of July

In 1968, Dick Knarr, founder of Troutdale Sand & Gravel, decided to go out to visit old friends interviewing them about their memories of early Troutdale. This one from Milo "Mike" Coons:

"One of Mike's best youthful memories was of a Fourth of July celebration held by Troutdale on the old Hicklin Place, located across the river north of the railroad (The Sandy Delta). The Union Meat Company had a ball team who played ball with the Camas (Wash.) team. The Camas players were brought across the Columbia and up the Sandy by Emmett Coalman, who used to run a ferry from Troutdale to Camas and Washougal. One player hit a long ball into a pile of brush, but when the fielder tried to get it, he ran into a hornet's nest and failed to retrieve the ball. Mike was just a boy, so he went back later and got the ball. They barbecued a beef or two right on the grounds and after the ball game, the Union Meat Company butchers held a sheep-butchering contest."

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