Troutdale's Glads

Gresham florist Jack Malcom recently sold the florist shop that bears his name, a business that served East County residents for nearly 50 years. The Malcom family started their business in Troutdale where they raised Gladiolus for the Portland market. Malcom's parents, Roy and Lytha Malcom took the cut flowers to Portland to sell in the market. Flowers grown from bulbs, glads and daffodils particularly, were a flourishing crop here for many years. The channel block building just south of the City Conference Building on Buxton was originally a warehouse for the storage of gladiolus bulbs. The bulb industry waned after World War II, partly because of a change in importation of foreign bulbs and partly due to damage to the crops from fluoride emissions of the aluminum plant in Troutdale. Troutdale's flower and bulb industry is illustrated in the Troutdale time line, found in the barn museum at the Harlow House. (January 2001 Champion)

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