The Sandy River

The Sandy River has always drawn visitors from Portland to cool off on its beaches, or enjoy the shade among the trees in the Sandy River Gorge. The home of Junki and Linda Yoshida at the Stark Street Bridge began in 1912 as the Portland Automobile Club, a destination for early auto owners. In the 1920's it was Viking Park, a privately owned picnic ground.

Farther down the river, between Big Bend and Tippy Canoe, was Montrose Park, a beach, picnic area and dance pavilion where live bands played on weekends. Montrose Ringler founded the park in 1919 and operated it through the 1920's. He then went to Portland where he built the Crystal Ballroom.

Other roadhouses, such as 12-Mile House at 12-Mile Corner, and various establishments in the Columbia River Gorge and at Troutdale, offered spirits of an illegal nature to those who ventured out from Portland during the Prohibition.

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