Seidl Family Early Settlers

Jacob Seidl, for whom Seidl Road west of Springdale is named, came to the Troutdale area from Czechoslovakia in 1888, building a log cabin on Staggerweed Mountain, the elevation behind Broughton Bluff on the east side of the Sandy River.

His son, John, was born there in 1894. To support his family, Jacob walked from his hilltop farm east of the Sandy down an old Indian trail that traversed the cliff, descending to the Sandy River at about the site of the Lewis and Clark State Park boat ramp. He went to work in the Union Meat Company slaughter house, which sat just north of the antique shop, Troutdale Station. The slaughterhouse was prized by Portland's Jewish community because it offered kosher killing processes to meet Jewish dietary need. Seidl, surely one of the area's first commuters, walked up and down Staggerweed Mountain each day to get to work.

Later, as local farmers developed a talent for growing Cabbage, the mountain took another name and became Cabbage Hill. The farmers brought their produce to Troutdale to the rail depot to ship it to market.

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