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Frequently Asked Questions

I am planning to do some construction work in Troutdale. Do I need a Public Works Permit?
A Public works Permit is required for:

  • Pavement cuts, window cuts, street borings, trench repairs or other work affecting City owned streets.
  • New connections to existing public water mains.
  • New connections to existing public storm sewers.
  • New connections to existing public sanitary sewer.
  • Construction of concrete driveway approaches, curbs, curb & gutters, sidewalks and water meter boxes within the public R-O-W.
  • All other construction activity within the public R-O-W.

Visit the Public Works Permit page for further info and to obtain a permit application.

What are System Development Charges?
Visit our SDCs page for more info.

I am planning a new commercial development and/or tenant improvement in Troutdale. How much should I expect to pay in System Development Charges?
Visit our SDCs page for more info.

The sidewalk in front of my home/business needs some work. Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk?
Adjacent property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks (and landscaping strips) along the street frontage(s) of their property. Obtain a public works permit if you plan to do any reconstruction of your sidewalk (and/or driveway approach).

I noticed a problem with the sidewalk in front of someone else’s property. Who should I notify?
Complaints regarding sidewalk defects should be directed to the Permit Specialist at City Hall at 503-674-7229. City staff will then initiate a compliance action and require the adjoining property owner to correct the defect.

Who should I contact regarding complaints/concerns about traffic signals?
Traffic signals in Troutdale, except for those on Frontage Road, are maintained by Multnomah County via its contract with the City of Gresham. For issues related to those traffic signals, call 503-988-5161.

Traffic signals on Frontage Road are maintained by ODOT. For issues related to those traffic signals, call 503-665-4193.

I noticed a street light outage. How do I go about reporting this?
Contact Mid County Lighting District(503-988-0164)

Who should I contact about issues related to Interstate 84 and the adjacent freeway frontage roads?
Contact the Oregon Department of Transportation at 503-665-4193.

There is a significant speeding problem in my neighborhood and I think speed humps are the answer. How do I go about requesting speed humps be installed on my street?
Neighborhood speeding problems should always be reported to the Multnomah County Sheriff Office first. Complete information on the process for requesting speed humps can be found on our speed hump page.

What is a UIC and when do I have to register a UIC?
UIC stands for Underground Injection Control and refers to certain types of facilities that discharge storm water into the ground, such as drywells, soakage trenches, infiltration galleries, etc.  UIC’s are defined by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and regulated by DEQ in conjunction with the City.  See DEQ’s UIC fact sheet for more information.

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