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The Wastewater Services Division provides pollution control services by collecting, treating, and disposing of an average 1.4 million gallons of sanitary sewage daily utilizing over 50 miles of sewer mains, 8 pump stations, and a 3-million-gallon-per-day treatment facility. Treated waste water is discharged to the Sandy River and inert solids (sludge or biosolids) are land-applied to agricultural fields that are not growing crops for human consumption. Both the liquid and the solids disposal programs are carried out under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits issued by Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). As part of its pollution control services, the Division also inspects and monitors businesses for compliance with Federal, State, and local clean water laws and regulations.

lIndustrial Pretreatment Operation and Program Implementation Manual

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