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05.31.2018   2017 Water Quality Report
12.11.2015   Comprehensive Well Assessmentand Action Plan Final Report

General Information

The Water Division supplies, treats, stores, and distributes an average of 1.6 million gallons of water daily to over 15,000 Troutdale residents and about 200 Troutdale businesses. The water comes from six deep (485-615 feet) wells, is stored in 4 reservoirs (total capacity of 6 million gallons), and is distributed through more than 63 miles of water mains to 4,500 customers.

The Streets Division operates, maintains, and repairs over 40 center-line miles of City streets and coordinates with Multnomah County regarding that jurisdiction's 13 miles of County roadway in Troutdale as well as with the Oregon Department of Transportation regarding that jurisdiction's 5 miles of State highway in Troutdale.


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